Advantages for investors

Fair & social return

  • Your investment empowers the working poor and their families to build a sustainable and successful existence.
  • The targeted returns are Euribor +2% (VMF Hard Currency) and Libor +6% (VMF Local Currency) respectively.

Low default risk

  • The payback ratio of micro-entrepreneurs is 96-98%.

Risk minimisation

  • Broad diversification of your investment over many countries, institutions and micro-entrepreneurs
  • Uncorrelated with traditional asset classes.
  • Short maturities of micro credits (6 months - 3 years)

Short duration

Advantages for micro-entrepreneurs

Regulated acces to money

Improved living circumstances

  • Food, health, medical care

Access to education for children

  • which has a sustainable effect on the future genereations.

Strengthening of the position of entrepreneurial active women in society