• C-QUADRAT Asset Management GmbH took the initiative in 2006 and founded the first Microfinance Fund "Vision Microfinance" under the umbrella brand of "Vision Micrfinance". The fund is managed by C-QUADRAT Asset Management in Vienna. The Microfinance team is consisting of Dr. Arman Vardanyan, Head of Microfinance, an Armenian long-term asset manager, author of many research papers on emerging markets and developing countries, and Mag. Christoph Eckart, Senior Portfolio Manager. The Swiss company Symbiotics SA is the research agent.

    Vision Microfinance provides micro-entrepreneurs access to sustainable financial services, to establish a living and to create a future with encouraging prospects. Microfinance institutions (MFIs) provide micro-loans to people who are excluded from the traditional financial sector. Local microfinance institutions are subject to strict auditing to ensure social objectives and requirements are met.

    The second Microfinance fund "Dual Return Fund - Vision Microfinance Local Currency" was launched in autumn 2010, which provides micro-loans to MFIs in local currencies.

  • C-QUADRAT Asset Management GmbH former Absolute Portfolio Management GmbH is a leading independent asset management company in the German speaking region, which is specialized in asset allocation, analysis and management of absolute return and sustainable investments.

    The aim of all products is continuous capital growth but with a focus on security and risk minimisation. In rising markets the focus is on performance optimisation. In falling markets the focus is on active risk management in order to protect the consigned assets from heavy losses.

    The company was founded in April 2006 from the asset management division of Vienna Portfolio Management Inc. Since September 2012, the C-QUADRAT Investment AG is majority shareholder of C-QUADRAT Asset Management. The office and management of the company are located in Vienna. The business focus is on institutional clients and high net worth individuals. Our goal is to increase our customer base in close collaboration with banks, online businesses and distributors and to expand into new markets in the coming years.

  • Dr. Arman Vardanyan, Head of the Microfinance-Team and Senior Portfolio Manager of the Dual Return Funds - Vision Microfinance, has more than 15 years of experience in the fincinal markets sector and risk management.

    Mag. Christoph Eckart, Senior Portfolio Manager of the Dual Return Funds - Vision Microfinance and before he gets employed for C-QUADRAT Asset Management in 2010, he was working in Great Britain, Malta and France. Microfinance Due Diligence travels leads him to South-, Middle- and North America, Central- and South Asia and in the Caucasus region.

    Birgit Havlik, MSc is portfolio manager of the Dual Return Funds – Vision Microfinance and before her employment at C-QUADRAT Asset Management she was already acquiring experience in the fields of risk management and product management within large banks and insurance companies.