Microfinance Products

  • Austria: The investment fund units of both Dual Return Funds may only be distributed to professional and semi-professional investors in Austria. Distribution to retail clients is not permitted.

    Luxembourg & Germany: The investment fund units of both Dual Return Funds are registered for public sale in Luxembourg and Germany.

  • The investment fund units can be aquired from all banks and the biggest platforms in Austria and Germany. In addition, there are distribution agreements with individual institutions.

  • Subscription of fund units: monhtly , cut-off 17:00 CET, till 24th of a month, settlement with NAV of 25th of the same month, value date: NAV + 2-4 business days

    Redemption of fund units: monthly, cut-off 17:00 CET, till 10th business day of a month, settlement with NAV of 25th of the following month, value date: NAV + 10 business days

  • The NAV is valuated and published twice a month, on 10th and 25th of the month.

  • Experience has shown that an impressive 98% of micro-entrepreneurs are able to pay back their micro-credits in time and with interest. Micro-entrepreneurs appreciate the often unique chance a micro-credit offers and strive hard to repay the credit. An added incentive is the fact that punctual repayment is a prerequisite for obtaining a further credit.

    Often micro-credits are handed out to a group of people whose members are solidly liable for the repayment. If an individual does not pay back the credit, he/she would lose face. The strong social structure in developing countries and the regular visits by the microfinance institutions are further reasons for the high repayment ratio.

  • Currency risks are hedged completly in the Dual Return Fund - Vision Microfinance.

    However, in the Dual Return Fund - Vision Microfinance Local Currency solely the EUR and CHF share classes are hedged against the fund currency USD.

  • Generally, when choosing an institute a strict selection process is conducte (see also “Which investment process pursues C-QUADRAT Asset Management for selecting the MFIs?) Should nevertheless a MFI delay its payments, a corresponding provision will be made until the insolvency of the company is confirmed. Since the inception of the fund (April 2006) until now, 1165 loans (as of 01/2021) to MFIs have been granted and only two institutes were unable to repay the debt – 99% of all credit has been paid in full and on time.

  • Private investors can take part in Vision Microfinance with a minimum investment amount of 1,000 Euro / institutional investors with 125,000 Euro. Please contact your financial adivser or your local banking branch for an investment. Also, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

  • "To invest. And to do good" – This is the core of all activities of Vision Microfinance. Vision Microfinance endorses the „Smart Campaign“, an intitiative for client protection within the microfinance industry. The campaign is working to establish standards for the appropriate treatment of low-income clients such as transparent pricing, mechanisms for redress of grievances, privacy of client data, ethical staff behavior, appropriate collections practices etc. You can read more on our engagament in Memberships & Seals >>.