• Market Commentary May 2022

    The Dual Return Funds have not invested in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus during the last years, but the fund management is monitoring possible spill-over effects of the economic collapse in Russia on the CIS countries as well as general emerging market developments such as rising interest rates and volatility continuously. During the humanitarian crisis of the Ukraine war, the funds try to strengthen economic growth in other markets in order to improve the living conditions of the entrepreneurs and to contribute to robust democratic developments in the long term.

  • InvestESG.eu: The color of microfinance funds was always dark green!

    InvestESG.eu: Q&A with Günther Kastner, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, I-AM Impact Asset Management

    Sustainability is becoming more and more mainstream in the investment industry. Your microfinance fund is a so-called impact investment fund. In which segments exactly does your fund invest and what does the impact entail?

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  • Aus C-QUADRAT Asset Management GmbH wird Impact Asset Management GmbH

    C-QUADRAT Asset Management GmbH announces that the company is now operating under the new name Impact Asset Management GmbH. In addition to the new name, a comprehensive rebranding will also take place. IAM - Impact Asset Management GmbH thus underlines its position in the C-QUADRAT Group as the leading provider of sustainable products.

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